Jerry Eason - President

"With Land and Sea RV my goal is to make a product that not only I would use, but my family and friends can love and enjoy also.

Now we get to make your dream getaway vehicle come true, and enable you to take your bed with you on your next vacation."


Adam Michaud - Vice President

"Land and Sea RV has allowed me to combine my previous background of refrigeration HVAC and standby power equipment with my love for building and creative projects.

I take pride in my workmanship, and strive to produce the best quality on the market today."

Meet our Family

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In the beginning we started out with a goal of combining boating and camping, two of our favorite activities, into one product that would be the best of both worlds. One product that can be used in any Campground in the US as well as be able to launch onto any of your favorite lakes and waterways so you can enjoy a wonderful day on the water. After lots of research and development we finalized our plans and in 2018 Land and Sea RV was born. Our freedom line of custom trailerable houseboats is built using the best quality components and marine grade aluminum, materials that will withstand the test of time and provide long lasting enjoyment with many fond memories for years to come!


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